Broken Austin: Show your face Leave me to figure out this place I’ll romp with you in outer space While soldiers march, backs’ straight. Precious Playboy: Kiss the bruise Who are each of us to choose – When with each choice, the more we lose Angels arrive too late.  Brown-eyed Accomplice: Pinch my skin Don’t […]

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Wish you well and that you find a squirrelly knot or rusty hinge to pass the time 

Burying Will  Good man still Though Was he ever? Good? Some.  (Never).  Hurts when other girls are right.  Hurts when I’m not held all night  In muscled hands, Biceptual bands, Hard from the one who understands.  You served you well! I care, pell mell (Gals like me want no Fine Hell) Through is through I’m […]

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Falling down metal stairs

I think I’ve never seen a cleaner kitchen than the one in your apartment. I think you feel very comfortable snapping at me from the get go. I understand why you prefer for me to leave but begrudgingly allow me the sofa. I think you like the heat and are comfortable in your own sweat. […]

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Patrick Swazye

I was falsely diagnosed with Hep C during my second pregnancy. Before the lab figured out which tube they’d mislabeled, I’d escorted my oldest child and husband to be tested. It was the longest fucking weekend of my life, waiting to hear if I’d poisoned my family.  In that time, I’d also been able to […]

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Don’t walk away boy

I’m tired.  I want to meet you but now for a different reason.  You have continued to exhaust me when I need filling up. You have ghosted me when I need sustenance. I won’t chase shadows. My love won’t hurt you. I cannot speak for its absence. 

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