Chocolate covered fingers

If you blame me for loving so often so hard, then you blame me for this love with you.  What other heart would keep coming back for more of your precious envy? The searching searing falling never sure pain of you?

I’ve loved before. As have you. I can accept without mandate or hesitation your loves – then THEN now – because I have loved you without cause or reason, unrequited yet not unfulfilled, and have hope and happiness enough for us both.  I love YOU. No other feeling I have felt affects that mighty fact. And yes. I have mighty love. You know I know no other kind.

I will never give you cause to worry – if you want me in that way. Trust me to be who you need. Lead me to do that right. And I will give you all of me, whether you’re ready or not whether you’re steady or not whether you’re right wrong here gone happy scared greedy shared I will fill you the fuck up with every good thing I know or imagine or see or believe.

I fought so hard for you to have the chance to give me a chance. I know what I’m doing. I know that this is right. Come back and love me. I can’t keep serving from an empty vessel.


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