Fuck off and leave us alone

Emergency meeting place ashes down sweaty face sill jumped, neck in brace Pyromaniac Me Siren-less, lost un-grieves sooty palms, holey sleeves laughing: charred thick as thieves Bushel and a Peck Me frozen runner, photo frame doily tangram, desklamp name in sprinkled grey dust looks the same Take a good look at Me.    

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Chocolate covered fingers

If you blame me for loving so often so hard, then you blame me for this love with you.  What other heart would keep coming back for more of your precious envy? The searching searing falling never sure pain of you? I’ve loved before. As have you. I can accept without mandate or hesitation your […]

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It is possible that I am being made whole. Because nerve and words – delivered amidst a drought of reception on a thirsty plain of slim to none exception – were received by a bitten heart tripping over fallen cans in the crowded soup aisle —- one scar strong heart that longs to beat-be-not-beaten and […]

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